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Muldowney, Migliori, & Kobienia


July 30, 2012
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It is not uncommon that after breast surgery, especially breast augmentation, that some patients develop Mondor’s disease or syndrome.  This is a painful cord or band usually below the fold below the breast.  It develops after any manipulation or irritation to the breast.  It can be seen in breast feeding.  It also occurs after surgery. The problem stems from an inflammation of the superficial veins of the breasts.  The patient will find a very tender cord or band below the fold under the breast.  It will most often be vertically oriented and is seen best when elevating the arm.  The band is usually quite tender and develops most often about a week after surgery. It is treated by managing the symptoms, usually with anti-inflammatory medicines.  It resolves on its own and poses no risk to the patient.  It will always end without any repercussions.