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Botox® Cosmetic

How is Botox performed?

Botox® Cosmetic is a simple, non-surgical procedure that can dramatically reduce even your toughest wrinkles within 7 – 12 days of the injections. One ten-minute treatment and a few tiny injections, relaxes the muscles between your brows that cause lines to form – and keeps them relaxed up to four months. Botox® is a natural, purified protein that relaxes muscles by blocking nerve impulses. With a few tiny injections, Botox® relaxes the muscles that cause skin to crease. Once the muscles are at rest, the skin becomes smoother, creating a more natural and relaxed appearance. In a clinical study with Botox®, the majority of people (82.5%) reported an improvement in the lines between their brows after a week, and results can last up to 4 months.


Recovery time for Botox

Since the procedure is non-surgical, no recovery time is needed. After a Botox® treatment, you can get back to work or other activities right away.

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