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Breast Lift

What is a Breast Lift?

Mastopexy (breast lift) is a surgical procedure to lift and reshape the breasts. As a woman ages, gravity, pregnancy, and weight changes can affect the shape and feel of a woman's breasts. The skin of the breast weakens and although the volume of the breast remains unchanged the breasts often appear flattened, low and less firm. During mastopexy surgery, the extra skin is remodeled tightening the feel of the breast while repositioning the breast to a more youthful position. Some women opt to increase the volume of the breasts with implants at the time of the mastopexy.


Candidates for breast lift surgery are in good overall health and generally have breasts and/or nipples that sag below the level of the fold underneath the breast. Although a breast lift will not necessarily interfere with breastfeeding or complicate a future pregnancy, becoming pregnant can affect the results of the procedure and additional surgery may be needed after pregnancy to restore the desired appearance of the breasts. Most women who undergo this operation will be away from work for around five days.

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