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Breast Augmentation Revision


If you have had a previous breast implant surgery and desire a size change, a revision augmentation may be necessary. Additionally, a revision is the only means of correcting problems associated with rippling, implant failure or excess scar formation around the breast implant termed capsular contracture. Revisional breast surgery attempts to restore breasts that are soft and symmetrical.


Revisional surgery usually consists of either removing the scar tissue that inevitably forms around an implant, called a capsulectomy, or releasing the scar tissue called a capsulotomy. These two procedures attempt to recreate the pocket or space where the implant sits, and thereby restore a more natural feel and appearance. In some cases, a revision can be performed through your previous scars. Sometimes additional incisions are necessary particularly if excess skin is to be removed at the same time. Depending on how long your implants have been in place, it may be advisable to replace them with a new set of implants.

What is a Breast Augmentation Revision procedure?

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