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Breast Reduction

What is a Breast Reduction procedure?

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure to minimize the volume of the breast in an effort to bring the breast back into proportion with the rest of a woman's body. This operation is similar to a breast lift with the addition of removal of some of the skin, gland and fat of the breast.


Why is a Breast Reduction needed?

Often this surgery is pursued to alleviate chronic problems associated with large breasts such as back and neck pain, shoulder strap grooving, rashes beneath the breasts, and restriction of physical activity. If your symptoms and breast size meet the criteria of your insurance company the costs for your breast reduction surgery may be covered.


What happens during a Breast Reduction procedure/surgery?

This procedure is done under general anesthesia. Some individuals are managed on an outpatient basis others may spend one night in the hospital. The incisions are usually made around the pigmented area (the nipple-areola complex) and extend vertically below the nipple and along the fold under the breast. The nipple-areola complex is moved upward to the desired location and excess breast tissue, fat, and skin are removed.


What is the recovery time for a Breast Reduction?

Most patients will be restricted in activity for two weeks. Pain is modest. Individuals will return to work in one to two weeks.

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