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Breast Reconstruction

What is a Breast Reconstruction procedure?

Breast reconstruction attempts to recreate a breast mound in women who have had their breasts altered or removed by breast cancer surgery. The goal is to rebuild a natural looking breast with symmetry to the other breast.


When is a Breast Reconstruction procedure performed?

Depending on the circumstances, breast reconstruction can be performed immediately after mastectomy or as a delayed procedure, anywhere from several weeks to years following mastectomy. 


How do Breast Reconstruction procedures work?

Breast reconstruction typically requires more than one operative procedure, with additional surgeries to optimize symmetry or rebuild a nipple areola complex. There are several different methods of breast reconstruction, although the three most commonly employed techniques include expander/implant reconstruction, latissimus flap reconstruction and TRAM flap reconstruction.


What is the recovery time for a Breast Reconstruction?

Consultation with your plastic surgeon is necessary to determine which method best meets your needs. Depending on the technique used, breast reconstruction will require anywhere between one to several days of inpatient hospital care. Breast reconstruction, including any surgery done to the opposite breast for symmetry, is typically covered by insurance.

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